Study/Organizational Skills

Organizational Skills: Tutoring, Workshops, Programs Centered on Individual Success

Difficulty with


  • Completes homework, but doesn’t hand it in
  • Papers are everywhere
  • Forgets books at school/home
  • Manages time poorly
  • Does major projects at the last moment
  • Becomes anxious when taking tests
  • Does not know how to study for tests
  • Takes poor notes
  • Does not remember what was read in the textbook

If any of these are familiar, RITES can help. We’re study and organizational specialists who demystify the study process and tailor each lesson to your child’s needs, providing concrete strategies for personal success.

Study Smarter, Not Harder, a small-group workshop for High School students, is offered in October and August.  The workshop covers a wide range of effective tools, tips, and strategies for better grades.

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National and state-mandated curricula focuses almost exclusively on content; students are loaded down with tons of content, but they are not taught how to access it, organize it, and make sense of it. Organizational and study skills are crucial to academic success throughout a student’s education. The skills needed vary, depending on grade level, but well-organized materials, productive use of time, study techniques and understanding and managing what has been taught over time are universally important.

Give your child systematic, specific tools and strategies to become better organized and have a doable plan of attack for any assignment or test, designed by your RITES study skills specialist.

How RITES Programs Work

Your RITES teacher will craft an effective individualized program to improve these skills, which means several important things:

  • Your student isn’t put into a program – a unique program is designed around your child
  • Your student works one-to-one with the same RITES writing specialist every session, building a strong, trusting relationship for personalized growth
  • Lessons are tailored specifically to your student’s needs, so time is spent most efficiently
  • Researched, scientifically proven, multisensory approaches are used to keep lessons engaging and to improve information retention and retrieval
  • You have access to your RITES teacher so you know exactly how your student is doing, what he or she is working on, and how you can be a support at home

RITES teachers incorporate a variety of scientifically researched and proven multisensory teaching approaches into their lessons to make sure your child is engaging his or her whole brain for active and effective learning to improve organizational skills.

Your Student’s Success Starts Now

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RITES certified teachers work with students in their communities in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.