RITES Programs

Tutoring, Programs Centered on Individual Success

RITES programs comprise a carefully crafted set of principles and teaching practices that focus on the individual student and how he or she learns best. RITES programs are designed to address the causes of a learning problem, not just the effects.

RITES’ philosophy drives programs for kindergarten through adult, including

RITES transforms students’ vision of themselves, enabling them to realize their potential as lifelong learners and successful contributors to society

RITES Student Profiles

  • 70% Multisensory Literacy Tutorials for Reading, Math, Spelling
  • 30% Tutoring in Math, Study Skills, Organizational Skills, SAT or other college exam prep, and GED prep
  • 50% Tutored at RITES’ Pawtucket Learning Center
  • 50% Tutored closer to home at libraries and schools; in some cases, at home

All the photos you see on the RITES website are images of real students and the real RITES teachers who helped them. All the testimonials throughout the site are from actual people in our community for whom we’ve made a difference.

How RITES Programs Work

Once you’ve completed the brief “Contact Us” form below:

  • RITES will set up a phone call to discuss your child’s needs in order to match your child with the best RITES certified teacher.
  • RITES’ educational consultants will conduct a review of any reports, such as an IEP, evaluations, and schoolwork.
  • Your first meeting with the teacher is FREE. Together, the teacher, student, and parents will set goals and schedules.

What You Can Expect

  • Your child will meet with the same RITES certified teacher each time to ensure a strong and effective relationship.
  • Each lesson is prepared exclusively for your child and will evolve to best meet your child’s needs.
  • RITES teachers will use multisensory approaches to match your child’s learning style and keep lessons engaging.
  • Your child will better understand his or her learning style and how to advocate in an age-appropriate way.
  • RITES teachers have time to reflect on your child’s progress, connect with parents, and update lessons to boost learning.
  • RITES teachers are hand-selected and continually trained in the best teaching methods, supported by scientific research.

Your Student’s Success Starts Now

Contact RITES today for your free, personal consultation with a RITES educational specialist. Call 401-723-4459 or submit your request in the “Contact Us” form below.

RITES certified teachers work with students in their communities in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.