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Individual Tutoring

1-to-1 sessions ensure each student's time is maximized.
Why Individual Tutoring Is So Effective

Summer Programs

Educational summer camps to build and strengthen academic skills.
Which Skills Will Be Improved

Multisensory Learning

Engaging the brain fully to help your child learn effectively
How Multisensory Learning Helps

Our Students

RITES helps students of all ages – from kindergarten to high school to adults – with personalized, 1-to-1 tutoring to achieve lifelong success. RITES helps students and their families relieve anxiety, fear, and stress triggered by diagnosed and unknown learning challenges, such as Dyslexia, ADHD, NLD, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, High-Functioning Asperger's. Plus RITES offers enrichment and skill-building for high-achieving students.RITES' certified teachers are trained in a diverse range of tutoring styles to deliver what's best for your student. 
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Don't Miss...

  • Get better grades in less time with this 4-part workshop for high school students.  Study Smarter, Not Harder information and registration. Next class starts Sunday February 1st.  Student:Teacher ratio 1:8  Limited space still available.
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